Manual Wheelchairs: What Are They? 

Manual wheelchairs have become more popular with the aging Baby Boomers and those who require strong support for walking. Manual wheelchairs allow for the independent mobility of individuals who may have trouble bending over. Manual wheelchairs also allow those with limited range of motion to take care of themselves, like those with limited mobility because of arthritis or injury, check wheelchair. They are usually made of aluminum lightweight aluminum frames. Most manual wheelchairs do not fold.

Lightweight manual wheelchairs: Lightweight manual wheelchairs, also called soft wheelchairs, are made for easy portability and a lightweight usage. These wheelchairs are usually electric or battery powered. Lightweight aluminum frames help with portability. There are many brands of lightweight manual wheelchairs, including Bell, Sunrise, Pride Mobility, Invacare, Sunbeam, Sunrise Medical, Invacare Lighter, Pride Mobility and more.

Heavy Duty manual wheelchairs: Heavy duty manual wheelchairs, also called power wheelchairs, are designed for more robust mobility. These wheelchairs generally have larger wheels and larger tires. The large wheels give the wheelchair users a better grip and more stability in hard surfaces.

Pediatric Wheelchairs: Made especially for children, pediatric wheelchairs have many features. These wheelchairs have larger wheels and wider wheels to provide ease of movement for infants and toddlers. Pediatric wheelchairs sometimes have a seat that can be retracted to provide greater convenience for infant and toddler use. There are many brands of pediatric wheelchairs including Pride mobility, Bell & Ross, Stannah's wheel chair, Invacare, Sunbeam, Keedo, and more.

Handcycle: A handcycle is an alternative to a standard wheelchair. Handcycles are more affordable than other mobility scooters, and many pediatric wheelchairs include a handcycle as an available option. Handcycles do not have the wide base and large wheels of other mobility scooters, making them more lightweight and easier to store. Handcycles are great for anyone who may have difficulties storing or moving a wheelchair.

Portable wheel chairs: Some mobility scooters come with a portable option, see website. A portable manual or powered chair is great for someone who may have difficulty transferring to and from their wheelchair to a standard car. Portable mobility scooters can also help someone reduce their fatigue. The portability of these wheel chairs makes them easy to carry around and move with the push of a button. Whether you need a permanent or portable option, here are some great options for you!

Manual wheelchairs are great for anyone looking for a simple, basic design. These wheelchairs offer greater maneuverability because they are designed for walking. However, with a manual chair, each step is performed manually. Because of this, many of these manual wheelchairs are only appropriate for those with limited mobility. Wheelchairs that are powered by electricity or battery are designed for those with more mobility.

When shopping for a manual wheelchair, it is important that you make sure it has the features you need. Mobility specialists will be able to help you find the right type of wheelchair for your needs. You will be able to choose from manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs, and more. Your doctor can recommend a specific wheelchair depending on the level of disability and your specific situation. Learn more from

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